Monday, November 22, 2010


Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah, Lord of mankind and the universe. Peace and blessings of love and adoration of our great, Prophet Muhammad Salallah ‘alaihi wasalam (Peace Be Upon Him).. May we have the pleasure of Allah at all times and places. Insyaallah..

For this post may be you are wondering why I emphasise English language as communication medium in my blog right? I will explain it to you...

First of all, thankful to Allah because of His power and wisdom to create the English language, we can learn and master it. In fact, we also can make it as preaching medium. What for? For Islam unite and for the importance of preaching. That is my thesis sentence. Why I say like that? It is because not all who visit our blog have the same language with us. Perhaps there are hundreds in fact thousands of people that will visit our blog. Probable, some of them do not understand the language that we use (Malay language). So, this is my initiative to develop an international trade mission.

According to Syaikhul Ibnu Taimiyyah Islam (die th. 728 H) rahimahullaah, "Knowledge is what is built on the proposition, and knowledge that is useful is the knowledge brought by Rasulullah Salallah 'alaihi wa sallam. Sometimes there is knowledge that is not from Rasulullah Salallah 'alaihi wa sallam, but in worldly matters, such as medicine, mathematics, science, agriculture and commerce".

What I understand about the statement above is any science that does not conflict with Islamic law is considered as beneficial knowledge. Meaning, knowledge of English is useful because there are no features of the Islamic resistance.

I want to apologize because my intention is not to glorify the English language and not also to show off. But we have to think critically especially in this modern age. There are various kinds of negative influences that can affect the mind and mislead people who are not only composed of Muslims, but among other nations too. The sources are we do not master in English. For example, where the Prophet Muhammad in contempt of the caricature or comic, no one knows! At the same time, the caricature is in English. When Islam was at the peak of contempt, who knows? Do people know? Do Sabahan know? Do villagers know? Maybe yes but not at all. We just keep silent and dumbfounded for don't know anything.

I'll give you another example in terms of English songs. Just imagine if someone who has no knowledge of English, listening to English songs that misleading such as the songs made popular by Madonna and Lady Gaga. Don’t you think it will distort the faith of Muslims especially youth? How did it happen while they do not understand the meaning of the song? Do you ever feel good when you hear the catchy songs, even you do not understand it? Don’t say no because that is the reality.

Consider it and open your mind. Thank you.

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